Nasal Augmentation with Tip modification 100%

Nasal Augmentation with Tip modification 100% by PSC Clinic (Peera Plastic & Skin Clinic )

Techniques Nose Surgery Method With special effects By creating tip modification nose

Many of you have probably wondered. The shape of the nose, each one different and why. Why nose some pretty pictures than others. Indeed, the structure of the nose itself is different. The idea is, “if it can be editing all pretty close to each other. It can be customized in any shape to it, as well.”

Structure of Nasal 


  1. The bones include the nasal bone and upper maxilla, which two things will determine the shape of the base of the nose and the width or narrowness of the nose side.
  2. Cartilages, which are a component of the complex and delicate assemblies thread a small piece of cartilage lot together. Will determine the shape of the cartilaginous the external nose and the Nasal Tip how beautiful.   
  3. Nasal soft tissue coverage is the one that makes the shape of the nose, exiguous or larger.

You need to know the advantages and disadvantages can be divided in three ways as follows :

Method 1

The conventional nasal implant technique means the removal of silicon for the subcutaneous, placed on the spine and the addition of autologous nasal tissue. Therefore, the method used for more than 10 years. However, after about 2 years, the silicone may be softness or durability may occur on the skin, nose, causing imperfections. And see silicone, or sometimes silicone can penetrate and restore to survivability is not the same for the nasal tissue, some of the damage and the wound.

This is a case of a tissue sample at the tip of the nose thinner due to the insertion of silicone into the nose after 2-3 years.

Remove the tip of the nose from the skin, the silicone shrinks from the scar when the silicone is removed. The cause of skin atrophy of nasal because

  • if silicone implants high tension nose implant at tip plasty than fit Causing the surface tension of the tip plasty.
  • Should not rub a serious nose and be careful to touch the tip of the nose.

Friction on the skin, helping to accelerate the skin .this area thinner Which explains why sometimes a slight tip can be penetrated?

The advantage is chip cost of surgery and fastest surgeon

The disadvantage is Silicone isn’t the shape and can be seen the silicone. The consequences of a serious nose piercing are nasal implant removal.


Method 2

Rhinoplasty with silicone tip nose + Leisure cartilage reinforced stitching covers the ends of the silicone (Conventional Nasal implant technique + Cartilage graft) (the PSC does not use this method) refers to operation under article 1, but increase. Place a piece of cartilage Cover the front end of the silicone. To reduce some of the skin or through the nose. Increased security at a certain level, however, is a problem that may be encountered.

2.1 If the skin ends some nose, it may be in a new case or a fixed case with a chance to see the appearance of the cartilage piece. No natural look (as shown)


(The picture shows the problem of visible  graft look at the silicone tip which is artificial)

2.2 Cartilage is likely to die. Or break up the blood can be fed only one side. Is in contact with the skin Because the other hand is placed on the silicone directly. There can be no blood culture (as shown in both cases showed that the cartilage is degraded to a silicone skin and a thin end of the original).

The survival of the cartilage The doctor called grafting, a cartilage piece that moved from another like a parasitic. Requires new nutrients and blood vessels from surrounding tissues. The best place to experience the surrounding tissues.

The advantage is The cost is not very high. Surgical operation is fast because it does not have to solve the nose structure.

The disadvantage is The risk of seeing a piece of cartilage at the tip of the nose is likely to cause the breakdown of cartilage. And touch the tip of the nose to feel the silicone.



Method 3 

Nose surgery by placing silicone. Or other material such as Gore-tex specifically to complement the nose. Together with the refinement of the nasal tip cartilages. And strengthen the cartilage at the tip of the nose. (Nasal bridge implant + Nasal tip framework reshaping + cartilage graft) (Dr.Peera has continuously developed it to become a PSC Clinic special technique)

The late equalizer Doctors sometimes referred to as Tip Modification, but in fact, the people who put this concept long ago is currently Professor Jach H.Sheen California, USA, where it separates the nose using cartilage (Septum), however. At present, the industry is using cartilage from behind the ear (Concha) or bone that separates the nostrils.

Cartilage will be modified to create a new trick with a beautiful shape

This method is now highly recognized in the surgeon industry, specialized in nose augmentation and published in numerous international medical journals and proven to have the highest safety and permanent durability for the following reasons:

1. silicone material or nose. It will be placed in a safe location and found very few problems. Only the nose
2. At the end of the nose, The high risk Without the use of silicone But the tune is actually the main tuning the shape and size of natural cartilage lining the corners and various degrees. The short length of the cartilage in. So close to the nose of the most beautiful structures in nature. Possibly together with the cartilage, supplement the tip of the nose to mimic natural cartilage. It is no problem with a band of cartilage, skin, even very thin. Or the editor, etc.
3. Skin end T-bone can survive actually Without some long-term. Due to no atrophy Because it is not exposed to artificial materials.
4. cartilage at the tip of the nose is a blend. The cartilage that exists. Move to the cartilage And without the use of silicone inserts. It was no problem with atrophy or breakdown of cartilage. I need to know. Technical care cartilage as well.
5. The structure of the ear or nose bone separates. Will not lose shape It brings the hidden Only partial use only

Use cases of artificial cartilage to try and replace the cartilage. This material is true, MEDPOR or porous polyethylene is porous to the tissues in adhesion. The doctor was used many years ago because the major problem is that there is still enough chance, and the nose tip is stiff. No Good Movement (Stiffness) Currently, the famous surgical surgeon abroad is not commonly used.

For private The Doctor loves this 3rd method and is used as a standard for a nose surgery and has been developed for a long time, where foreign countries have undergone this kind of surgery, as it is more secure than the original method. The doctor has been used to self-patients since the age of Thailand is rarely known. Some surgeons still leave an opinion against them. At the time of the interview, there was a significant anti-violent stream. The patient has been developing to get a complete and current work becoming generally accepted. At the clinic itself, the patient will be able to discuss the surgery of this nose as a master, so that the first two methods of surgery are eliminated. But before the doctor loves using a silicone reinforced nose and it’s good to see.

The restriction is the complexity of the surgery, which is more than usual. The operation time is almost 3 hours/day. One can only perform one operation. The bigger the case, the more difficult it is multiplied by the Smurfette. Because all the structures need to repair the damaged parts of the original silicone first, and the skin is often very thin.

In terms of patients themselves. People who are interested in this type of surgery should ask their surgeons in detail how the nose surgery is in between 3 methods and may need to decide in terms of risk. The advantages, disadvantages and expenses are acceptable as well.

Examples of cases or about various types of nose enhancement and shape correction

Part of those who choose rhinoplasty by PSC Clinic

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