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Autologous tissue nose augmentation at PSC_Plastic Surgery Center Thailand ( update 2019 ) 


Over the past few years. There is a phenomenon that changes the nose augmentation circles. In Thailand, that is the current nasal augmentation, using the patient’s real tissue. Whether it is the use of cartilage after the ear (Conchal cartilage), the cartilage barrier, the center of the Septal cartilage, the Rib cartilage and other tissues such as the skin There is a risk of the skin at the tip of the nose, some of which can be easily seen, silicone rods, penetrated or distorted. This can be seen as a whole. The cause of the silicone at the tip of the nose is pushed until the skin is thin and may obstruct the blood to raise the skin at the lower nose tip, thereby causing the skin to gradually fade.

These problems really have been decades of medical surgery. And we’ve always thought about how to protect it. Nine years ago In the year 2009, the doctor had been looking at a foreign surgical surgery and found that the international has begun to be done and works. This problem can be prevented, of course, to be impressed, so it is thought to bring the techniques that have been seen, developed and applied to the people of Thai patients. At that time, Thailand has not known such a technique. I don’t know who to consult, because I think I have to resist. It is almost impossible to get back to the original faith in the nose surgery, but decide to start by yourself because it is confident that one day will understand. “The work will prove itself.” If you go back, A magazine Cosmetics came to the interview. Let the doctor open the Open Rhinoplasty nose with the use of cartilage after the ear was born. Why is the nose open because of the soft cartilage after the ear has long been for ten years, but it was originally used on a silicone tip that doesn’t have to open the nose? Even a fellow surgeon has also called a call to ask why the doctor is so patient. Reject the evaluated patient with the risk of silicone implant to the original end. Today, the patient will always come for a little more than a few hours of surgery. His own relatives have already been done.

Almost ten years ago, today was pleased that both the doctors and patients are aware of the benefits to be gained. Despite some confusion, as some patients also understand that the bone behind the ear to do the same. That is indistinguishable, actually creating the actual cartilage and or editing the actual cartilage. Unlike cartilage covering the ends with a piece of plain, however. The open nose is open, and I know that I turned the nose and then editing them. Or, simply put silicone legacy. This article requires the reader to understand the innovations unfold this type of surgery. I do not intend to read it carefully. Because our nose is important And is a very delicate part of the face. If the error is corrected

Nose surgery OPEN  procedure is just a name for opening a wound. Did not mention the technique of internal surgery

Patients come to discuss. It is often found that open rhinoplasty wounds, but inside the silicone to the original nose tip, or only put cartilage on the silicone tip, in which the personal opinion does not need to Open, as the opening of a small wound in the nostril can be done. The opening of the Open wound must be purchased for such an entrance to the arrangement. To fix the bone structure, it will be worthwhile to open the wound like this. The opening of the wound must be very careful, do not give the original cartilage, tear and stitches Open must be made with high caution, because the tissues are thin, and have to sew them beautifully to make the wound look barely visible when completely cured (Invisible scar).

Should cartilage be used to create the tip of the nose more than other tissues?

Self-tissue rhinoplasty is called Autologous tissue. Nose augmentation means removing the fabric itself. From anywhere in the body to be used to enhance the nose, such as cartilage, skin, fat, etc. however, since it is found that the tip of a nose is primarily a cartilage structure Replace like with like tissue and the medical know that cartilage is the most resistant to ischemia and rarely sagging. Therefore able to better predict the shape.

How to increase the tip of the nose?

Customizing existing natural cartilage (Tip Modification) with transplanted cartilage (Cartilage graft) from behind the ear bone separates the nasal cavity. Bone ribs All considered the best in terms of safety and long-term durability. However, argued about what type of cartilage that makes the most sense. May be considered as follows:

– The cartilage from the back of the ears is suitable for a new auxiliary case or a fixed case with moderate membrane and short nose tip. The cartilage behind the ears is softer than the other type, the end of the soft and elastic tip of the most natural nose tip (Soft nasal tip).

– The cartilage of the nasal septum or ribs for a new case at the short end or severe cases solved with a membrane. This bone can stretch the nose as well. But there are some disadvantages of less flexibility, a smiling face or moved Nose movement And a touch stronger than some.

How to increase rhinoplasty upon the bridge of the nose?

The bridge of the nose is a solid bone structure with no slight tension movement and is not easy to be thin or possible. Materials used, such as medical silicone implants, or use of bone or cartilage, fat or dermis. The connection from the protection or temporal lobe tissue is quite essential. This is not enough, but the most popular is “medical silicon,” medical-grade. “However, if necessary, such as fibrosis, use real tissue on the bridge of the nose.

  The Olfactory with Tech to fix cartilage nose is ?

It is to refine the structure of the membrane lipid layer and the cartilage of the nose piece. The terms of shapes Viewing various degrees These new structures and arrangements to get the size and shape the desired length, so if surgeons are highly skilled. This can be used to fix a variety of shapes and nose are the most durable. And the risk of perforation of the silicone anymore. However, with new technology and a variety of more complex structures and problems of the patient’s nose is different. It is a delicate and challenging surgery to surgery for many surgeons are often discouraged because it takes a long time to practice, and the results may not be as intended if errors are hard to fix. Currently, there are very few surgeons in Thailand who work in this field seriously. And always give back to plain old enhancing silicone. We are patient investors to Thailand to fly abroad. I believe that AIM was an international medical-surgical nose better.

However, what I found more and more in the present case is Thailand at the invitation of the foreign agent. Or ads of various clinics. Back problems often Amended several times The problem with the agent And finally back to edit in Thailand. Because this type of surgery is the only Tech, it requires experience problems Through solutions And learns to operate correctly. It is a beautiful result regularly. The fly abroad nor guarantee that you will meet the surgeon and the surgery will be successful or not in terms of the Association of Surgeons of Thailand. I have tried to train a doctor e Thailand. To develop the knowledge and expertise of the surgeon Thailand. And I believe it’s an e-appointed doctor can perform surgery Thailand is excellent and does not rely on surgeons abroad.

Examples of cases types of nose enhancement and shape correction.

Part of those who choose rhinoplasty with PSC.

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