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Peera Thienpaitoon,MD 
Plastic surgeon and director of PSC_ Plastic Surgery Center Thailand )


  •  Medical specialist in plastic surgery Breast surgery and nose & facial surgery
  •  Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand
  •  International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

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1. Rhinoplasty PSC : Plastic Surgery Center   / Skin Center

Rhinoplasty Surgery, Plastic Surgery Center, and Laser Center with PSC than the beauty you get. We offer advice and consultation. We need to focus on results at best. Safe, no side effects in the future. And as natural as possible. With attention to quality, The doctor had to change the nose technique, which uses the same silicon. The application of the cartilage To solve the problem, or nearly nose tight leash. This is common, and patients often come to make a change. This change has resulted in advancing the field of cosmetic surgery in Thailand, and have been more acceptable.

2. Tip Modification   / Structural Integrated Rhinoplasty

Nose augmentation by With a technique for cartilage transplantation of the active portion of the ear. To further the cartilage of the original is not enough at the tip of the nose. Why is it a part of the ear, because it is the same type of tissue, there is no natural difference, and most naturally, since the majority of plastic surgery in Thailand is often used as the primary material, whether it is a nose augmentation. Complement the breasts or other parts of the body. In some cases, the effects of a silicone implant can be applied, such as nose augmentation over many years. The tissue area at the tip of the nose is thinner because the tension in this area is more than the other part of the face. The silicone rods are visible at the tip of the nose, and some of them may have a frequent revision of the nose. By removing the cartilage from the patient, there is no side effect or impact on the future.

3. PSC has been the leader in rhinoplasty by Tip Modification of cartilage for more than 10 years ago.

The Nasal with the creation of the cartilage is technology which has been proved to be very safe in foreign and world-class medical journals. Most of the side effects are less, so silicon is considered a real natural nose 100%. No matter how time goes by There was no damage to the tip of the nose. Elastic and adaptable skin. Also, it can be used to solve the problem of tip patients from silica gel until they return to normal without losing any shape. The strength of the patient’s nose restored confidence in beauty.

4. Nose Surgery technique with the Tip Modification of the PSC. How is it different from having a nose cartilage behind the ear?

Nose augmentation with a soft is a process that may require time and use sophisticated techniques. The doctor to surgery, it must be specialized in the subject of the nose structure and is skilled in the surgical rhinoplasty as well that the PSC will not use only the to the general silicone tip, because it may be the death of cartilage tissue.

The silicone is always pushed or makes the cartilage piece naturally at the tip of the nose. Thus pose a risk to the patient, but we will revise the 100% real cartilage structure. Without the silicone at the tip of the nose. What’s more, with this soft, it is to get a beautiful nose in the tip of the nose. It is very natural and safe in the long term.

5. Is it necessary for Thais to fly to get nose surgery and correct the cartilage structure in Korea?

It is not just necessary to believe in advertising media and persuading agents, causing Thai people to board a plane to go abroad and pay more than twice as needed, excluding airfare and accommodation. And there are still cases that must be resolved in Thailand, often including various complications because of unable to closely monitor. 

PSC clinic consigns and commitment for rhinoplasty the best for patients.

From dedication and need for rhinoplasty in Thailand. It has progressed and developed the next to your doctor, thus making nose surgery with a soft plaikraduk is widely recognized. Even the nose in this way requires a relatively large amount of capital and time, but the results are gratifying. Naturally, the nose does not require any further modifications in the future.

Furthermore, PSC Clinic by Mr. Peera to expertise in rhinoplasty also knows areas such as breast augmentation surgery, facial bone correction. V-face make-up adjustment, eye surgery, lip surgery, abdomen tightening surgery and other cosmetic surgery including the skin and laser department by Professor Asst. Wariporn Diasaranurat, an expert dermatologist at PSC Clinic.

confidently beautiful and safe don’t worry at  PSC :  Plastic Surgery Center    /  Skin Center


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Sample cases in various formats

Rhinoplasty Case Examples

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