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Special rhinoplasty techniques and self-practice before and after rhinoplasty PSC Clinic 

In modern times, rhinoplasty uses a diversity of medical technologies. Selecting a nose procedure from PSC Clinic is a unique method and method that helps people who want to get a nose job safe and reduce the risk of consequences. Moreover,  Dr. Peera Thieanpaitoon, a PSC clinical specialist, has experience in surgery and is a leader in rhinoplasty by creating 100% right cartilage for over ten years.

The primary three types of rhinoplasty 

1. The method of supplementing with silicone

Silicone supplementation has been around for more than ten years and has encountered quite a lot of problems, such as silicone piercing through the rot, nose, red nose, etc. There are often solutions that are not clinically popular with this method. Already Due to the silicone supplement alone, there are often side effects and the nasal solution caused by the silicone perforation problem.

2. How to supplement with silicone + cover the end with tissue

Silicone tissue augmentation is a method that most doctors still use to cure nasal tissue because the nasal tissue has a little problem and can help prevent the penetration of silicone. Still, the other side will have a nose piercing to the back, causing the piercing as well. Because the cartilage is taken from the end of the ear May cause tissue breakdown even though there is rhinoplasty with body tissue and can support but also has the opportunity to atrophy also.

3. How to supplement by fixing the nose structure without relying on silicone.

Modifying the nose structure before inserting silicone Fix the soft nose at the tip of the nose by rearranging the structure of the nose to make it look natural and fit as much as possible to shape the face so that the nose tip is beautiful and prominent. However, this method is a time-consuming procedure. It requires meticulous care, so it is necessary to use a surgeon with specialized expertise, especially clinics that choose this method for rhinoplasty.

Currently, PSC Clinic uses Method 3 as the primary rhinoplasty for patients, taking 3 hours per patient. Which is a clinical method chosen as the best way to make a nose, both the shape and the compatibility with the face that looks very natural It has a long-term safety structure called Structural Integrated Nose Augmentation (also known as tip nose reconstruction), which is simply referred to as Tip Modification, which does not rely on the silicone tip of the nose, which is shaped to become prominent. According to the needs of patients, Nose augmentation combined with the structure of the nose, which is a method that reduces intervention better than other methods Also has the most beautiful and natural shape.

The reason for choosing this method Structural Integrated Nose Augmentation of PSC Clinic

  1. Excellent protection against silicone penetration.
  2. The nose has a beautiful shape. Less likely to deform.
  3. Safe in surgery And can survive for a long time.
  4. It is an excellent alternative to rhinoplasty to prevent nasal intervention.
  5. High security Because the tissue has been modified to match the face and silicone

Before rhinoplasty

  • Get your body ready Healthy
  • If having underlying disease Should consult a doctor before making a decision
  • Patients with severe bleeding, kidney disease, abnormal blood
  • No supplementation That affects the clotting of blood vessels
  • Refrain from drinking water and eating all foods for at least 4 hours before undergoing surgery.
  • Before surgery, should not wear contact lens and should not wear jewelry on the surgery day.

After rhinoplasty

  • After surgery, the doctor will make an appointment to follow up on the results of the operation. To ensure the quality of medicine and patients can consult a doctor
  • Take medication strictly according to doctor’s orders
  • Cold compress after continuous surgery for three days
  • No smoking and alcohol beverages for at least one month.
  • Should refrain from eating fermented foods, some seafood, spicy food, etc. 
  • Proper sleeping Should not lie on its side, because the silicone is not yet well-formed. It can use a neck pillow. Prevent neck pain, neck tilt and should sleep a pillow higher than the heart to prevent congestion, also a way to help reduce swelling as well.

Rhinoplasty requires surgical procedures and a high amount of time for the surgery to be successful in making plastic surgery decisions. Only that, by choosing the method and expertise of the surgeons in the rhinoplasty of PSC Clinic itself, we want the highly safe surgery method. See long-lasting results matching the needs of patients and ready to advise doing every case.


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