Breast augmentation with Pectus excavated


Condition Pectus excavated found as much as about 5% – 7% of people who come to receive additional services with the doctor. The cause of this symptom is usually congenital. Of unbalanced male bone growth And symptoms of joint dysfunction, which is that the crooked bone is not found to be associated with heredity For a patient to surgery In the group of adults often found to have problems with beauty In the group of children Is a severe problem such as lung and heart And are resolved to maintain already.

In this case, the Scoliosis has to be careful operation to prevent it from entering the lungs. Doctors recommend that Lesions can be seen most clearly is inframammary fold but is more likely to use silicone, such as anatomical shape implants. Or can be injected fat.

This case Breast augmentation becareful 

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