Reviews from Ms.Svetlana from Austria


Ms. Svetlana from Austria, 1 day after the surgery, can the doctor go home? She is undergoing breast augmentation with the PSC_Plastic Surgery Center in Thailand. We are happy to be a part of making a name for Thailand for plastic surgery for foreigners. Thank you to all the patients from abroad and thank you for your trust. We will try to create the best work. Dr. Peera #developed a reputation of Thailand around the world


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PSC_Plastic Surgery Center Thailand

Plastic Surgery Center Skin and Laser PSC Clinic in Thailand
Address : Thanon Prachachuen, Bang Talat, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi (Near Dhurakij Pundit University)
Contact for information: 02-5744283 , 088-0117440 , 094-4076777

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