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Frequently Asked Questions about Breast augmentation by PSC CLinic

  • Ying Lee Question: After the breast augmentation, will the breasts become soft like the real thing? Does the fan catch then feel that it has added?
  • PSC Answer: The extra softness of the back chest. It depends on many factors. The important thing is if there is a lot of real meat Rely on a small silicone size Have a genuine opportunity that can sometimes be indistinguishable The touch may be as soft as a real breast because it has a lot of real texture on it. For those who have little meat, it may be a bit thin. Or papules or infections can stimulate this response and the fabric will thicken and contract silicone until the chest is stiff.
  • Aunk Aink Question: fascia Is this a problem?
  • PSC Answer: Wearing time silicone breast augmentation Around the silicon will always react with a thin sheet layout. Usually, it does not tighten until the stiff medical milk believes that a lot of inflammation from the surgery or bleeding, or infection, can provoke this response too much, and the fascia is thicker, and the silicone corset is very rigid.
  • Aunk Aink Question: Oh, what’s the way to prevent fibrosis?
  • PSC Answer: Surgery to minimize injuries, such as breast ulcers or armpit endoscopy. Including cleanliness control Of the operating room, We are operating room system And good tools.
  • Khun Question: Breast augmentation is already marked it again. If this happens, what to do.
  • PSC Answer: But because very few can be found mostly in the skin to adapt to stretch well. However, some people may have, especially if they are very large. The topical skin before surgery is unlikely that helps or not. If the marks if it can reduce it by using the Fraxel laser clinic here.
  • Ying Lek Question: What should we do after the operation?
  • PSC Answer: After surgery If you wear under the muscles, do not drive one week, stay using too much arm and muscle in the chest 1-2 months of exercise at 2-3 months.
    • It is recommended to enter sports bra for 1-2 months.
    • Observe the chest symptoms should gradually collapse slowly in 2-3 months, leaving a beautiful shape.
    • Take care of scars, medication and shut down for six months.
    • Should see a doctor appointment.
  • Aura Question: What type of silicone The most popular people use?
  • PSC Answer: The doctor first checks that each structure is suitable for a particular shape; for example, the teardrop-shaped implants are suitable for the case of shorter breast base or higher than normal or sizing in some cases. If the structure fits both, you can identify the doctor and see the risks. At present, the spherical round is 70% 30% water droplets teardrop-shaped implants are a good silicone type, but there is a risk of tilting rotation after 1% of the length, the doctor will take into account the most beautiful shapes and minimum risk of long term.
  • Khun Mama Question: If removing the silicone What kind of breasts will look like?
  • PSC Answer: Depending on whether the breast skin can shrink back well? The risk of sagging breasts is higher if the skin is cracked. It is very large, and it is recommended that the replacement of a new bag is always better to remove.
  • Khun Spa Question: When can I massage after surgery to lie on the stomach?
  • PSC Answer: If breast augmentation Do not recommend lying prone for three months because it may be a risk of pressure compression, and the dissolving silk that was sewn off prematurely After that, normally As for underarm surgery Lay upside down for two months to wait for the inflammation of the muscles to decrease first.
  • Khun Poo Question: Will the back and chest be close?
  • PSC Answer: In fact, the breasts are very close together, especially when wearing a bra only. The bra will not release it. The distance of cleavage depends on the structure of the original. You need to put silicone in the breast so that it looks natural. Also not to be affected by the position of the nipple. But overall it is aligned over the average wait for 2-3 months to stretch the muscles fully. Another factor is the nature breastbone. If bone flare or some people call it, the chicken breasts are not aligned. If the bone is sunken in the middle Are quite closely than usual.
  • Khun Somsri Question: After breast augmentation When I get older or eat breast milk, will it sag too much?
  • PSC Answer: It may be similar to the natural appearance of breast changes when we grow up, but in general, it is no problem. This is because it can lead to faster than normal meat, and more importantly, if there is meat, there is a chance to change. Be hopelessly outnumbered.
  • Nonnie Question: Can you breast augmentation during the age of 18?
  • PSC Answer: Suitable age is 18 years; however, it requires that parents sign consent for minors.
  • Fahsai Question: Do you have to stop smoking and alcohol after surgery?
  • PSC Answer: Smoking, As a result, the wound is healed slower than usual, so it is recommended to refrain from smoking 14 days before and after surgery. Alcohol affects the postoperative process if it consumes a large amount of time, so it is advisable to abstain after surgery for two weeks.


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