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Breast augmentation of the most popular in the world. In Thailand 4.0, there are more than 20,000 cases for breast augmentation surgery per year because it is to enhance the personality and to increase confidence in beauty.


The most popular breast augmentation surgery in the world It is found that our Thailand 4.0 has over 20,000 breast augmentation surgeries per year throughout Thailand, which is popular because it enhances personality and confidence. Add proportions to look beautiful in a highly competitive world. Aside from their ability, Face Shape Story, trust is also essential. They still have a family life.

Breast augmentation is a must-have for over a hundred years. Start by injecting the paraffin substance into the milk. The year 1890 However, it was found that severe and non-inflammatory problems are an influx of substances injected into the wound. The problem was so unturned and came to try to remove the material in the bag. Known as artificial breast cyst (breast implant) breast augmentation with artificial breast cyst, it has a history of over 50 years. It has an exciting evolution in America when khrangadit the world’s famous Hollywood sites, such as Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell, would be more interested in people wanting to have a beautiful chest shape sex-these celebrities. As a result, the production of a medical artificial breast cyst was developed, starting from a small discovery of a doctor at that time, yet the course of the blood Bank’s blood supply is very soft. After that, he took the blood to put the glass bottle but replaced it to fit the plastic bag (that person was Professor Thomas Bigg. At present), and it is unbelievable to become a tens of thousands of millions of dollars today. There are changes in the production technology of the bag shell (Shell) and the Filling material in the past to the present, with safety and very high durability.

Methods of breast augmentation Divided as follows :

  1. Breast implant only
  2. Hybrid breast augmentation
  3. Cell-assisted  lipoplasty or CAL


Breast implant only

This is the most popular method. The most basic material is the breast pouch because it is the right size, such as a cup. C or D is a natural impulse. Compared with other methods, it can save costs and improve vehicles. Its disadvantage is that some people may have allergic reactions. The result was surgery. It depends on who responds. Holmium does have a way to reduce risk and protect it. Fortunately, the current ozone layer is relatively low if the operation technology is right. A skilled surgeon and good material can also help reduce this problem.

I like to say about the plastic surgeon that the younger generation.

“Breast augmentation is the ART & Science”. And put forward appropriate principles and long-term safety results and anchors. The patient’s chest is very different 100% detail that we can analyze and discuss. The right choice of operation method and size is the right one. The best tailor From measuring how to create an ideal result, “it’s like a real cosmetic surgeon knowing the final result. How can you not operate?

ภาพจากคนไข้ หลังทำนม หรือผ่าตัด เสริมหน้าอก 1 ปี

Knowing the limits of tissue conditions is as well. This is very important, often the patient asks, “Why does the Doctor add more (some of them followed by a pleaded)? I want to be a friend, 500 cc? I have no limit to the size of the room. Inserting a solid silicone will cause a problem in 2 main reasons.

  • Large silicone will have the width of the silicone base. But if it’s too wide, the silicone will be between the chest or the body. For this method, it’s difficult to fix because the nipples will have permanent numbness.
  • Silicones that are too big will require a lower level of silicone care methods. But the problem is more serious than the double bubble.

So, Important principles for breast augmentation are beautiful, large and safe. Breast augmentation must be appropriate. Between primitive and side breasts, breast augmentation surgery to follow up and check the symptoms continuously.

ชนิดของเต้านมเทียม ที่ใช้ในการเสริมหน้าอก

Types of  Breast implant

  1. Silicone gel-filled breast implant is the most popular. Because of the texture skin a real and durable. Silicone has both round and teardrop.
  2. Saline-filled breast implanted ten years ago, this type of silicone was popular. But often the problem is the leaking saline leaked. The need for surgery again, and one reason is that the texture is not the same silicone gel.
  3. Polyurethane-covered implant

In case there are problems with the layout Expansive frequently (maybe you?), but is still awaiting approval from the FDA. The FDA and the United States. If Thailand used to have to ask permission to use specific cases.

4. Another, such as Becker’s implant To be resized after inserting it. This type is often used for breast augmentation after surgery. This type is commonly used in breast implants after breast cancer surgery.

Incision position and operation the silicons

as follows : armpit,breast and breast aureole

The arms can be classified as traditional and Endoscopy surgery, which was to replace conventional weapons. Due to injuries, compared with the previous method to reduce pain and reduce the risk of Expansive layout. This direct experience of the doctors began using endoscopic surgery for many years.

The breasts do not need surgery, endoscopy. The surgeon will then be seen directly. However, you should consult a doctor as appropriate. And restrictions on the individual.

For the breast surgery, it is not popular among the chest surgeons, because the research data is most likely to put in comparison with the other way, and the chance of contamination from the milk ducts.

Choosing put silicone in layers above or below the muscle. Factors to be considered by the chest of each patient based. In most cases, if the original breast is thin, it is advisable to place the silicone under the chest muscles to prevent later touching the silicone bag.


Hybrid breast augmentation

How is breast augmentation with silicone fat and injected into the desired position? To add a touch of the chest, reduce the chance of a fumble on a thin margin. Reduce dependency on abundant silicon alone. And also benefited from the softer of fat cells to wrap around (more coverage thickness) as a way to do well enough, particularly in Europe, however, is still limited, the cost is higher than the usual two to three times. The survival rate of fat cells. and unfit to wear silicone big simultaneously. It will increase the pressure may affect the survival of fat cells.

The indication of patients who need breast augmentation is generally more apparent. Unlimited costs And add real soft tissue as possible.

Breast augmentation with fat transfer only ( Cell – assisted lipoplasty )

It is to absorb the excess fat according to the body parts and bring high concentrations together with a portion of the process to separate the stem. To inject back into the chest. The advantage is that the softness of the breast is the most realistic, and there is no problem from the fascia breast. the disadvantage is that the cost is a couple of times a lot, and each time increases, not more than 1 size, since the excessive injections are decomposed from the lack of blood-fed and pressure too high when the needles are over. The current reading mammogram the doctor’s reading results can be read and separated with breast cancer. It must be a skilled institution to interpret the results.

The indication Patients who wish to supplement is. And do not use silicone in the body.

How to enhance breast augmentation ???

In principle

  1. Choose a plastic surgeon that you believe in the work. Knowledge And must be responsible to the patient and their own work Must follow up care of patients in the long run.
  2. Choose a plastic surgeon that you believe in the work. Knowledge And must be responsible to the patient And their own work Must follow up care of patients in the long run.
  3. Safety should have a standard operating room, clean, modern equipment, measurement and monitoring systems Bodily vital signs throughout surgery Have a postoperative recovery room system before returning to the restroom And other emergency safety systems that are sufficient.

For doctors after checking at the clinic, we will use the hospital’s surgical facility, which we have chosen to have all the above-mentioned systems with excellent quality. Even the cost is high using the place of Nonthavej International Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Bangkok and Nonthaburi, has been the JCI standards near the PSC, allowing the doctor to take care of the patient quickly.

A sterile operating room to control temperature, humidity and pressure, a positive influence, which means that air from outside can not enter. Must pass the air filtration system designed specifically before surgery only. The team of anesthesiologists are physicians who specialize professors from the Faculty of Medicine. Thammasat University And the recovery room after surgery inside the operating room as well.

ห้องผ่าตัด เสริมหน้าอก พีเอสซี PSC Clinic

The nursing officer is passing through the course. Training for patient care only recovery room When confident, it is safe to send all patients back to the room at the particular floor and the nursing team at the 24-hour front desk. It’s the most reliable and most comfortable focus for everyone. The most current patient cases of the doctor often have friends or relatives who have already been impressed and told each other as most of the results and values obtained in quality surgery. This is the pride of the PSC clinic.

Premium comfort and service and attention to every step of the team PSC and hospital Nonthavej over 10 years and continues to improve each patient.

Dr. Peera has been a guest speaker on treating complications from breast augmentation of complications from breast augmentation. In the PRS KOREA 2019, South Korea,

Professor Dr.Peera and invited exchange experiences and knowledge at the Korean plastic surgeons conference. Join our surgeons in 2019, Korea, Japan.

Crisalix technology creates virtual images to see the result before surgery from Switzerland.

Technology creates a virtual  image that can be seen in Crisalix from Switzerland. Most Popular To see results after surgery, before surgery, the use of the PSC helps to know the needs of patients more accurately.

The anesthesiologist team of PSC CLINIC



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