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The knowledge of breast augmentation Preparation before breast augmentation What to know and know about each breast augmentation At present, the faculty The PSC Clinic articles about breast augmentation by the doctor. A specialist Doctor of PSC Clinic breast augmentation By Dr. Peera

Breast Augmentation

The surgery is so popular around the world. And has evolved over the years Currently, it can be said that with breast augmentation material useful. And surgical techniques have improved excellent results and low morbidity.

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Currently, there are a diversity of breast augmentation methods available as follows :

  1. Breast implant using a breast implant is the most popular method
  2. Breast augmentation using artificial Composite Breast implant with Autologous Lipoplasty
  3. Breast augmentation by self-fat injection with Cell Assisted Lipoplasty (CAL)

Each of these methods has different advantages, disadvantages, and costs. The choice depends on the needs of the patient. And should consult a medical professional about the benefits and drawbacks of each method.

Breast Implant

Is the most popular worldwide. The silicone bag today, with high durability. The gel is characterized by a Cohesive gel or coagulates Gummy bear makes security reduce the absorption of silicon (Gel bleed) How do the surgery are diverse. A bust-up with each individual.

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Where is the surgical wound? What’s the difference? / What are the chances of getting a raised scar?

There are 3 surgical wounds:  The Armpits, Periareole and Inframammary


The advantage is minimal scarring And hidden in the armpit Chance of dressings relief is much less than 1% as the arms are taut minimum.

The disadvantage is

  • It’s more painful than the bottom of the chest but depends on the operation. 50 % can be interpolated.
  • The incidence of breast fibrosis depends on the method of operation.

Currently, there are 2 methods for underarm surgery.

  1. Conventional method 5-8% of the production plan.
  2. Transaxillary Endoscopic-Assisted formed a 1% flow rate and recovered faster.

At present, the endoscope is very popular. This is the best technique for underarm surgery because it is less than recovering and hiding the results in the underarm. Changing the chest can be problematic.

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The advantage is less pain than the traditional armpit.
The disadvantage 

  • that Scars that can be seen directly at night
  • The chances are wrong, 10% chance, a higher infection rate than the results after surgery.
  • Not popular at the moment


The advantage is

  • Less pain equivalent to endoscopic armpit. Incision hidden instance The lower chest covering
  • Expansive flow rates of a small breast cyst Endoscopic surgical equivalent (1%)

The disadvantage is

  • See the scar when lying down or scoop up the breasts.
  • Risk incision near the armpit than 5 to 10%.
  • Popular in West patients. Because fewer people have Asia. In Asia, the risk that the breasts.

Position of the wound depends on discretion the doctor and the patient for selection

  • In the case of having a unique chest structure, The doctor will advise the appropriate wound
  • In the event that the structure can choose the wound position Can get many situations Patients can specify the desired wound. If wanting to not have scars near the breast area And hide from close people. Recommended underarm dressings. If wishing to hide dressings from others, in the case like dressing in sleeveless tops, suggesting dressings like milk But have to take a higher risk of congestion than underarms. However, armpits are method usually suitable they can wear sleeveless shirts as usual.

The selection of the silicone size should be a choice that is not too large than the structure is obtained. Medical requirements are already defined on the width of the body as a boundary of silicone laying. Large silicone increases the risk of a better fit.


Composite breast implant with Lipoplasty

It increases the size of the silicone limit or allows for more natural breast augmentation. It has a soft tissue that helps to complement the silicone area in some tissues. Enhance the chest to look more closely as you want. Reducing the silicone cyst and the benefit of excess fat extraction from the abdomen or thighs (secondary gain), the cost is higher than breast augmentation, with silicon alone.

Breast augmentation with self-fat injection only With stem cells (CAL-Cell assisted Lipoplasty)

It increases the size of the silicone limit or allows for more natural breast augmentation. It has a soft tissue that helps to complement the silicone area in some tissues. Enhance the chest to look more closely as you want. Reducing the silicone cyst and the benefit of excess fat extraction from the abdomen or thighs (secondary gain), the cost is higher than breast augmentation, with silicon alone.

The surgeon must have a technique for storing and injecting good fat. The overall cost is higher than silicone supplementation alone. The limitation is that it can increase the size by about 1 cup size. Therefore, it is suitable for people who have quite natural breast meat and want to increase the medium size. Or after having a baby, the breast size decreases In order to fill the dorsal part to get the shap

Overview of the process of preparation before and after breast augmentation.

Study data and side effects by yourself

Should start by studying the necessary information until understanding first Surgical methods for various types of breast augmentation,   results, complications, analysis of their needs and preferences About what size However, because the breast characteristics are different and different for each person, a doctor must be examined in detail and discussed together for the best results.

Consult with a specialist

In most cases, doctors often ask for information about people requesting advice on Breast augmentation as follows

  • General history of the applicant, such as childbirth, lactation history, weight and height data
  • Chronic disease information, treatment history or surgery, the name of the medication taken and the history of drug allergy, the medical certificate from the medical institution (if any)
  • The current chest size and shape for the surgeon to set an example.

Preparation before breast augmentation surgery

  • There is no need to prepare a bra before breast augmentation surgery because the size is not stable.
  • No drugs or supplements for at least 1 week.
  • No aspirin or drugs that affect blood clotting for at least 1 week.
  • No medication from Isotretinoin or Acnotin used for acne treatment for at least 1-2 weeks.
  • Rest and drink enough water Avoid places that may cause flu.
  • Clean the body before the surgery night.
  • No food after midnight At least 6 hours before surge.

 Postoperative practice

  1. The appointment for postoperative examination and silk cutting should be followed every time the doctor makes an appointment for the complete beauty and enhancement of breast augmentation is going well and with the most results. In most cases, there will be Make an appointment to check and cut the silk for 7 days and make an appointment to the doctor for 1 month and 6 months thereafter once a year
  2. Postoperative care Specialist physician or physician assistant will guide the steps of taking care of yourself thoroughly in every step or may have an instruction manual after cutting Breast augmentation surgery Should follow strictly such as posture, bra wear, scar care etc.
  3. Breast massage after breast augmentation To gently massage on the advice of a doctor
  4. If pregnant or breastfeeding after 3 months, it can be pregnant. And in normal breastfeeding not a problem at all Because the supplementation is not related to the mammary glands, the silicone layer is deeper.
  5. Breast cancer examination, can cause breast cancer. Can make a Mammogram (X-ray breast) usually because breast augmentation does not stimulate cancer.
  6. Should refrain from alcohol 2 weeks after surgery.

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