Facial Micro-Lipofilling Rejuvenation ( Fat injections to reverse the aging face.)

Facial microfat injection Reduce Wrinkles

Facial microfat injection It helps to reduce wrinkles and complement the natural fat collapse.

Results of treatment by injecting micro-fat.

The results of the treatment by micro-fat injection have been 8-10 years of results without side effects since it is a self-fat selfie,
which when the cell is mounted well, it will be like a permanent cell transplant. No scar on the face.
Results of fat Injection Full face (correction of facial fat) in people older than 30 years old will begin with a reduction in the fat layer,
making the face more aged and slack modified by micro-fat injections.
Micro fat injection with the unique technique of the PSC clinic by the doctor. Correcting the deep eye layers,
facial wrinkles fill the face to look younger, with no scar on the correct fat injection.
Nowadays, it is recognized as one of the most effective dating methods because studies have found that when a person is more age,
the change of facial fat layer has always been made. Facial Rejuvenation nowadays should be combined with fat injections. To get the most out of it.

Condensed Micro-fat injection ( Lateral view )

Condensed Micro-fat injection ( Lateral view )
The high concentration of fat injections is one of the most effective rejuvenation methods,
and there is no scar in foreign countries as studies have found that the fat on the human face will change according to age and is a natural, inevitable mechanism. (Normal Aging process)
Injection concentration with the filling agent, the synthesis of Ho (Hyaluronic acid) per cc provides greater cost and more lasting results.
The result of the cell preparation step and good injection technique is to mix cells unnecessarily.
Condensed Micro-fat injection for full face rejuvenation
Case analysis: Severe facial fat atrophy, tired-looking face
Treatment: Full face condensed Micro-lipofilling ( Fat injection )
Facial Adjustment for youthful A fresh, highly concentrated self-fat injection in the case is treated throughout the face (Full face treatment).
The advantage is that the long-lasting results when a cell is fixed, and it is the most secure self-filler injection.

Correction of a tear through deformities

Correction of a tear through deformities
Case analysis : The area under the eyes can appear dark ( Tear through deformities)
Treatment: The condensed micro fat self-fat injection is a more permanent result than a filler injection because it is a cell transplant that makes the eyes look brighter.

Condensed Micro -fat infection for facial rejuvenation

Condensed Micro -fat injection for facial rejuvenation
The Micro fat Self-injection through a very small needle (Fine blunt tip cannula) The unique technique of the current PSC is recognized as one of the most important ways to restore the youthful face to a permanent filler, to fill the grooves on the face after surgery, with less swelling and no scars on the face.

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