Doctor warns! surgery if too much sleep to a greater risk of death. anesthesiologists look after the patients closely.


“Dr. Peera teainpaitoon”. Evidence of high quality and important health care that is affected by the loss of life? The main reason is due to inadequate professionalism and a lack of standards. You check anything before going to the breast?!

Breast augmentation is not just beautiful and rotten breast already But to the point of being beautiful to death With the story of a girl aged 30 in Udon Thani Undergoing breast cancer surgery In a famous beauty clinic in one of the provinces Then unconscious shock until death at approximately 23.45 hrs. On March 22 ago by the autopsy Found a wound in the chest.

The boyfriend of an unfortunate girl was rescued by a police officer as a dead, the owner of a beauty large clinic and was contacted to accept by the said clinic But don’t know the steps and methods for increasing size. 

At noon on March 22, the clinic started operating room at 13.00, In the hospital’s emergency room, Udonthani Treatment of every patient. The hospital not long ago The patient died at midnight.

The latest developments yesterday, Police Colonel Sarayuth Champiw, the police department of the city of Ubon Ratchathani, said it had been investigated for MOJ after the incident. These patients know that they have a medical license to check for common diseases. But not a sanatorium for the night. Initially, The introduction of nose treatment is observed. Chin augmentation, double eyelid surgery, Botox filler, but do not find about breast augmentation treatment notice. The wonder why there is surgery in the clinic.

Meanwhile, the brother of the unfortunate girl. Described how Sister had been several beauty. But first the chest. And the decision was made to this clinic. After having paid the chest to the clinic already.

“The sister had a heart stop” after about 3 hours in the Operation room.”

“Later, an ambulance was called at Ubon Ratchathani Hospital. Come to get to go to the emergency room There is a pumping of the heat for about 30 minutes, there is no response. Therefore there is a life-saver by pumping the heart again Until the vital signs were received but very low Until the pressure fell until the heart stopped beating again finally died”

After the sister died He asked friends and relatives who have medical knowledge about the clinic, saying that this clinic does not have an expert or anesthetist license. Therefore not likely to be anesthetic treatment Should use an over-the-counter pain medication Causing drug allergy until shock or heart attack.

Breast augmentation surgery Is an operation requiring anesthesia. ”  Dr. Peerathai Paitoon,  MD, breast surgery, and facial surgery specialist, cosmetic plastic surgeon PSC Clinic (Peera Plastic and Skin Clinic) explains.

There should be an anesthesiologist looking after the breathing And oxygen levels all the time Because the most important risk of surgery is While the patient is asleep deeply The breathing may be reduced until there is not enough oxygen.

Dr. Peera, charge all men and women who desire breast augmentation. That he had to search for doctor’s checks Aside from the skill and expertise needed to enhance the beauty, the important thing is safety.

” Breast augmentation Considered a major surgery. That has anesthesia “

Therefore, there is a high risk. Dr. Peera recommends checking the standard of the hospital. And the readiness of personnel.

The surgery should be well prepared as follows.

  • Have a physical examination Puncture blood concentration Platelets Lung x-ray examination
  • Check the history of congenital disease, drug allergy, and history of general anesthesia in detail
  • Must be done in a well-equipped hospital An anesthesiologist
  • There is a monitoring of the oxygen level at all times.
  • The cleanliness of the operating room is good. And disinfecting tools
  • Postoperative recovery room system For safety after general anesthesia.

As a patient, You must contact a doctor about the details with the doctor. And before surgery, should consult the information of doctors and establishments on the website of The Medical Council of Thailand, must be an A dermatologist who is not a practitioner can be arbitrarily slit.

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