The manager of an online newspaper an exclusive interview with Doctor Peera to the attitude and the modern aesthetic surgery techniques.


“I tried to find information about the clinical examination and clinical examination until I finally decided to breast augmentation with Dr. Peera went to see the doctor and I was not disappointed with my decision. Because the breasts are beautiful and shaped and another is The doctor is cute and friendly to the patients.”


Dr. Peera Thianpaitoon, a specialist in breast surgery and facial surgery, cosmetic plastic surgeon PSC Clinic (Peera Plastic and Skin Clinic) is a famous doctor online and has many famous websites that use the name of Dr. Peera. Share Dr. Peera’s plastic surgery experiences, such as the prominent website dot com, and the name that has been searched on Google at the top level as well. Is a surgeon in Thailand bringing the technology of cartilage surgery behind the ear to the tip of the nose For the price, it is reasonable for the doctor’s clinic and the surgery is trusted by the patients as well.

World trend, fierce competition, pull a business

The Doctor is looking for a surgery business as a good trend. The personality of the winning gemstone provides a good job. The competition is high in every aspect. Vascular can be a solution to your eyes.” I think the percentage of men who have been doing surgery each year is fixed because in the patients he is interested in doing this, he is already doing so, I don’t see the change. I have a group of men who want to be more in the field of surgery, but in the field of women, I think it’s a lot more than a year in the world. The higher the surgery, the more the competition is, the more people nowadays compete in all the races, from learning the last language, the one that the patient takes into account. Surgery is not going to be, but it helps patients. Make the outside personality look better. The job is to look at this point. However, I said, “the most important ability.”

Problems with method first techniques and tips surgical

The doctor said that most of the patients have problems at the tip of the nose, such as silicone through the nose. Cause surgery occurs 2 times, with most women facial surgery as rhinoplasty, eyes, or other parts of the correction.

The basic structure of the nose If comparing the nose of foreigners and Thailand is higher than Korea, therefore making the nose to be tall is very easy. But this method is a very common problem when the skin is pushed with silicone, so the method must be changed so that cartilage is reinforced at the tip of the nose To prevent silicone or thin nose piercing.

Bringing cartilage behind the ear with nose implantation Regarded as my standard method and is considered the first step to bring this method to Thai people It’s a way to see long-lasting results because the problem occurs. Only 99.99% of rhinoplasty If there are no problems, other complications such as silicone nose piercing.

Because often the tip of the nose tends to move Is cartilage and has often touch If compared to the ridge of the nose is the highest and solid.

I started plastic surgery since 2008 and at that time Thailand became popular. The technique for this that will happen in the West after the start of the popular Korean zone for Korea confirms that the method of seeing real and safe results. I, therefore, began to develop this technique in Thailand.

Evolution of breast augmentation

  • saline to gel

Thai people like to make breast For a natural look Currently can be separated into 2 groups, namely breast augmentation with silicone Currently popular with breast augmentation with silicone gel because If using a saline bag, there is a chance that the rate of cracking of the saline is up to 5% in 5 years.

10 years ago, the use of a silicone gel bag. maybe suspended in the United States to review security after 2003 to stop using the US 10-year study reported in humans. When added to it, what causes it?

In 2003, he was reported by the US Food and Drug Administration, saying that it works and does not increase cancer risk. While the truth the surgeon is waiting for this. Because the gel bag to feel more natural than a saline bag It will be built near the elasticity breast meat better.

After that Bag, the gel is widely and saline Less popular There is a new silicone created. called cohesive or Gummy Bear. The gel that has characteristics of Clustered together and The gel will not flow out like water like jelly. Increase the safety of patients It has been proven that it is not absorbed into the physique.

Gel hight security around the world

Currently, the gel is considered to be very safe. Nowadays, it comes to play in the form of gel, Round shape. currently, the most modern drip shape Gaining increasing popularity. This is Bring silicone to supplement with silicone.

  • Fat injection with of limitations.

“The other side of it is going to use their own tissue, fat, fat injection to the breast meat. Has been studied more and more.

Breast augmentation is given to many limitations in silicone, especially in people with little money and if you need to inject multiple times. Expenses may be very high and may not be the right size.

The cause may be due to the collapse of body fat cells Causing the fat that has accumulated during the study If compared with breast augmentation with gel It is a one-time surgery for breast augmentation and getting the desired shape.

The advantage is that the body has no foreign substances entering the body. The limitation is that the size of skinny people is quite difficult. And risking many surgeries Another reason is Monogram detection Because it is injecting fat into the tissue.

In this respect, a very high level of medical specialists is needed. This is a concern that can distinguish breast milk in the first period because of the anti-travel injection.

If the breast augmentation with silicone will be separated into layers. And this is a concern, but I believe that there will be changes after research on this subject.

  • Filler injection (forbidden)

Injection of fillers into the body I study directly because we work in this field, we have to follow research around the world. To properly advise the patient Found that in America, cancel the use of breast augmentation fillers May have some European zones Because the strictness of the use of these substances is less than in America

The substance is injected into the breast lump or a range of 30% to inflammation. There is a difference between liquid injections in the opinion of doctors. It’s too dangerous.

Present, I work on filler injection problems in the chest area. Because the filler will include the breast rather than holding the meat, causing damage to the breast due to its features, whether it can be fixed or not.

“The difference in nasal filler injections is just a shallow injection. And the substance injected each type of HA ( Hyaluronic acid) substance is sprayed on the face. It is a substance that is not permanent for about 1 year which is expensive per cc. If injected to the chest, use hundreds of cc. He will use each one. Which is a semi-permanent substance Cheaper but have a problem For the nose and face Injection is considered a worldwide standard. It is accepted that it does not matter but requires the use of decomposed substances. Currently, many HA are available. He continued to develop. Quite safe ”

The difference in nasal filler injections is just a shallow injection. And is a different substance for injecting because the substance is injected on the face.

surgeon… Ethics vs money


Why does the surgeon Dr. Peera book a breast enhancement queue? Trusted by surgery?

Surgeons are getting more and more popular every year because of good income and being a trend in the world. And nowadays there is more competition.

But I would like to ask those who are interested that Working in this way If regardless of the patient have the opportunity to be a bad doctor. like “Every coin has two sides” It is possible

Therefore, I want to focus on the ethics of doctors. We should take into account the interests of patient safety. More than income

My teacher cultivated these things very well, namely Prof. Dr. Charan Mahatumarat, at Chulalongkorn. He instilled every pupil with good ethics.

Therefore, it is something that we hold. I would like to warn a new generation of doctors to follow in this path. Because patients come to consult, we need Expert Opinion. So what we say, he believes. We must occupy ourselves in the right direction.

However, if wanting to create success for yourself Beginning with building confidence and trust for patients. Will help the plastic surgeon to receive recognition and praise in the future.

If the patient comes to consult but if the surgeon assesses that It’s good or it cannot be fixed or worse We have to brake the patient. Said that couldn’t because of It’s better that we decided to do it. We created unattractive works. Which will directly affect the image and reputation of the doctor This is one of the contraindications of my surgery.

        ” My innovation is quantity is not important. But important that the quality of work The number of patients is not important. Income is not important. “

If you do good things this is the motto from Doctor. Jarun which means the quality of work comes first quantity is our work, beautiful or not, and these things will make people proud. Next, fame followed.

We build strong walls from every brick. It’s important. And that is not a job that can be done in a matter of days,  But it must accumulate goodness and experience with us because every important lump will be strong If we make a gap, one day might be a Wall collapse. Dr. Peera summarizes medical everyone should have.

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