Interview with Doctor Peera Thienpaitoon Cosmetic Magazine Issue magazine in June 2012.


When surgery technology has been developed to Plastic surgery is fast and easy to get and quick access to information and cost available at various prices. We can see that people start to be more interested in beauty and if you see the image before-after on the internet. The more attention to the change itself, the doctor, breast augmentation or nose augmentation, must book a queue in a month.

Dr. Peera Tianpaitoon The Top 10 girls search for the most information on the Internet, especially. The breast augmentation is very natural, so many girls have to post their own photos of the face. We come to know the real sound of the doctor.  Dr. Phara Tianpaisarn Learn to graduate from the Faculty of Medicine. Chulalongkorn University Graduated from the Diploma of the Thai Board of medical professionals in general surgery, and the surgery is applied to the diploma of the Thai Board of Surgeons at Chulalongkorn University, as well, and then to work as an aesthetic professor at the Department of Surgery-Thammasat University, Rangsit Center, and present. PSC Clinic (Peera Plastic and Skin Clinic

The real intention of decorating surgeons

Since I was a medical student I used to like surgery. And through the study of plastic surgery at Chulalongkorn University, at that time, the professor did an operation and was surprised. It can make patients more beautiful or help solve physical disabilities, from childhood to work. In the art of painting, people still think it is a very old age. Finally, they want to paint the country. I think only surgery, surgery and art map together. At the same time, I intend to return to school at Chulalongkorn University. At that time, I studied in Chulalongkorn Hospital and hospital, Chiang Mai province. During this time, especially professor Jarun mahadumarat who taught knowledge. Women in plastic surgery create a moral concept, which is very important for service. today

From then, when working with teachers I have many patients who touch both beauties And fix congenital malformations, treatment of accidents, facial bone fracture, body cancer, microscopic surgery. This is the advantage of plastic surgeons. Compared to the surgeon who didn’t conclude directly Surgeons, therefore, have an opportunity to see the human body in detail. We know that organs, However, this is where the nerves, blood vessels, or large bones. Cosmetic surgery, surgery that will involve the whole body The surgeon can develop surgery better. Or sometimes even injections of facial fillers This doctor also injected with the principles of imitating Dharma – nation. The patient felt that the results were very natural.”

Continuing knowledge

“With the knowledge that I always tend to find time to study at home and abroad. By focusing on breast surgery Surgery and surgery – dentistry, facial aesthetics. To be able to control the results of our work are as beautiful as possible. The slightest mistake And must be able to create a more beautiful space. All patients had Especially in the field of breast surgery in Thailand, which is a big issue of it. The doctor’s surgeries, chest, over 4,000 doctors have been invited to participate in meetings of Breast Surgeons of Asia (ABAS), where people go to work, it must be said that a surgeon working on this. only And met many new friends Are the culmination of the breast surgeons of the country were made to meet and share experiences with each other, which I think is the issue of water. It is a direct experience of surgery for decades and has met with top breast surgeons like Dr.Charles Randquist (Sweden), Dr. Yoshinori Nagumo (Japan), Dr.Lee Paik Kwon (South Korea), which remains always in contact and see each annual meeting. Also in 2011, I had an opportunity to study. International Fellowship of Surgery at St.Mary Catholic University Hospital (1 in 3 South Korea’s largest medical school) and Professor Sangtae Ahn (current incumbent President of Korean Society of Breast Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), focusing on breast surgery. milk and facial plastic Surgery The surgical techniques have to visit the clinic celebrated neighborhood. Apgujeong-Dong This is an area with the densest Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul. Thus opening a wider perspective. Mary Catholic University Hospital (1 in 3 South Korea’s largest medical school) and Professor Sangtae Ahn (current incumbent President of Korean Society of Breast Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), focusing on breast surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. The surgical techniques have to visit the clinic celebrated neighborhood. Apgujeong-Dong This is an area with the densest Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul. Thus opening a wider perspective. Mary Catholic University Hospital (1 in 3 South Korea’s largest medical school) and Professor Sangtae Ahn (current incumbent President of Korean Society of Breast Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery), focusing on breast surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. The surgical techniques have to visit the clinic celebrated neighborhood. Apgujeong-Dong This is an area with the densest Plastic Surgery Clinic in Seoul. Thus opening a wider perspective.

Doctors think that a good surgeon must have a high sense of art. If not, they can practice together. There is an example. Last year, doctors went to San Francisco, the United States and participated in theRhy plastic art. Dr. Bernstein organized a good knowledge of surgery. There is a common person called clay clay clay. There is a statue of clay man, but there is no nose. International decorative art shapes what they think is the most natural nose. Then all the people got married. There was a foreign doctor from France. And cities in Thailand, with the highest turnout. This is such a deep plastic operation.

Proud work

“The Doctor is on the principle that we must be The Best Professional in this field, which means that it must be deeper in what is done, the meaning of my Professional in conjunction with Creativity, which is necessary because the cosmetic circle has a relatively high technical change and is going to change the next one. From the previous patients did not search for surgery information. Nowadays, patients can easily access the information. Therefore, the only good result will remain in the future, that is why I have developed two main tasks.

1. Breast augmentation Surgery I started to do surgery breast augmentation with silicon-cone of Tear drop, Anatomic implant seriously. About 4 years ago At that time, the import was recently introduced into Thailand, but it was not so widespread. It is usually done in Thailand, but it is often in cases of surgery for breast cancer patients and breast augmentation. From observing and tracking patients closely. It has been found that this silicone has the result of a higher and more natural patient, which meets the international. Now many of the countries near the US begin to wake up so much. Whether in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, even China in South Korea, the surgeon is very interested. Only this material is just starting to enter the South Korean market this year. Silicone drops the water. Currently, it is produced by the world’s leading breast implants company, including Allergan, Mentor, and Silemed, and until today, the doctor has undergone surgery, the chest with a silicone 2,500 drip. Spherical auxiliary surgery may be seen as a non-genuine chest of the material, which makes the silicone drop, which is made to mimic the actual breasts. This makes it easier to look for eyes and nature. Although silicone drops, this water has a very high material price and requires a good surgical technique and high accuracy. Most of the patients have been transformed to choose more. …

2. Rhinoplasty This is a surgery that is likely to have the most in our house, I have developed a rhinoplasty using cartilage replacement using a silicone nose. Since the problem of silicone, in the long run, it is great. Especially around the nose. Or who has pierced the skin thinner and more natural? Seen as the silicone on the bottom. The first is to try to get the materials. To replace silicon tissues such as fat, but was found to be degraded and unstable shape. When turned to the cartilage Surgery is the basis of the known. Cartilage is proven to maintain the most when they are transplanted (Grafting) is an ‘ideas used to create a nose (Tip Plasty) without the use of silicone nose has many advantages. reduce meat and some nose piercing in the long run.

However, the cartilage may complicate surgery. And the cost is high because the surgery takes longer than 3-4 times but with an emphasis on the results in treatment is key. Even more difficult to work, it needs to be done. The surgery on the cartilage is synonymous with some of the foreign countries in which an un-used silicone nose for a long time. South Korea, like so many bones that came from behind the ear. Or cartilage separates the nostrils (Septum), which in my personal opinion is that there may be changes in the technical nose again next 5-10 years in Thailand. “

Trend surgery in 2012, and new technologies.

“Firstly, people will try to find a less painful surgical approach and fast recovery, since nowadays, we accelerate the operation of the surgery that can recover as quickly as possible. More patients, such as surgery, breast augmentation, milk ulcers, which can be returned to work only within 2-3 days, compared to up to 7 days in surgical surgery through the armpit or the surgical selection of the laparoscopic surgery, which is slightly smaller than the opening of the wound, or chosen to supplement the nose, chin augmentation with Filler injections etc. Second, people will choose the surgery that results in longer by using the tech-various applications, help or use the real tissue of the patient, such as laparoscopic surgery to pull the eyebrows. The scalp is now developed into the upper frontal skulls to freeze the eyebrows in a desired position longer. Wait until the tissues heal strong. Reduce the water sagging rate of eyebrows. The material can be dissolved by itself. Name Endotine or nose surgery by using cartilage, facial injections do Rejuvenation using these self-fats. Third, people will choose surgery that provides more natural results, such as a drip-shaped breast augmentation material.”

The concept of working “the concept and motto in my work I would be divided into four main articles: 1. Working professional This term in the definition of a doctor is the depth of the work done. 2. Success No shortcuts 3. Creating a strong wall All of the bricks are equally important, which are the words of Assoc. Prof. Warongrungtananon Head of Department of Surgery, Chulalongkorn University today, this sentence means we must be detailed and attentive to all matters. No matter how small they look. Therefore, the doctor emphasizes the satisfaction of the highest patient, both surgical results, safety, good monitoring, service, until today, most doctors ‘ patients are told to mouth and the mouth and the final verse is to seize the words of Dr. Charan Maharat is well thought-making. Working with those patients will see everyone like a friend like a relative. So we can take care to care for them. Our attention Today I am working on one-to-all patients, I will examine the surgery and follow the symptoms all the steps many times, feeling tired, but it feels happy.”

Many patients choose a doctor from their costs. “I think everything in the body is complicated. The cost is very cheap, it is not good, because if it is very cheap, it is limited to quality. Even the doctor would like to do a lot of quality work but at a very cheap cost. The Doctor is not able to do, but in turn, the price is very high, it does not mean that it will be good to be satisfied, such as making a general nose, from 4,000-150,000 baht. The chest is ranging from about 30,000-200,000 baht, it can be seen that the price does not tell the standard, what is more satisfying, so the patient should study for good because the price is not as much a measure. In the future, the price may no longer be determined. The patient will be pursuing the best for him.”

Advice on choosing a surgeon before deciding “If possible, it is advisable to choose a surgeon who performs the surgery directly, just as you have trained the knowledge of surgical skills training, evaluating the tissue patient, choosing a safe surgical treatment can be found at Website Of the Thai Association of Surgeons of Thailand. ( and should be asked to consult the first information directly with the surgeon by looking at the details of the surgery, the effects, and risks that will occur in the future. Because what we will do with us forever. ”

Doctor Profile
Dr. Peera Thieanpaitoon, MD

• Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
• Certified Board of General Surgery Chulalongkorn University
• Certified Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Chulalongkorn University
• Professor of Medical-Surgical  Thammasat University

Current Position

• Director of PSC Clinic (Peera Plastic and Skin Clinic),  Bangkok, Thailand


  • Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand
  • The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons of Thailand
  •  International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery   (ISAPS)

Advanced Training
• Art of Rhinoplasty (San Francisco)
• International Fellowship in Plastic Surgery (Breast and   Facial Surgery)
(St. Mary Catholic University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea)

• Breast surgery
• Facial surgery

International Presentation
•Techniques to enhance the beauty of the shape of breast revision surgery. Fibrosis of breast augmentation

(Presented in Asian Symposium for Breast Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 2011, South Korea)

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